• Ask host Natacha how she ended up in Caraíva and she'll tell you a story about her dream of growing old by the sea, eating fried shrimp, and drinking something cold within earshot of waves lapping off shore. When she first visited Caraíva, Brazil–– a remote fishing village on the southern end of Brazil's Bahian coastline–– she saw that dream in real life. And in the decade since, she bought land, built her home, and then became a host.
Stay with her and she'll recommend the best places to find those dreamy fried shrimp, and maybe some traditional Bahian cuisine like moqueca, fish stew served in a clay pot. For that, head to Boteco do Para where the owner has his own fishing boat (so you know that moqueca is fresh!) and boasts a renowned spot to watch sunset.
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Photo: @piariverola
  • Surf Skiing is like kayaking, but lighter, faster and infinitely more fun, especially when it includes city skyline views of beautiful Gaia, Portugal. Bailey will have you zipping along like a pro. Afterall, he was training by a 12-time world champion in the sport. Also included: imaginary gold medal, bragging rights, and a day on the Douro river you’ll never forget.
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  • Creating an eco-friendlier world starts with the home, and @hideoutbali’s bamboo hideaway makes sustainable living a no-brainer. The riverside breeze is your air conditioning, a ukulele is your sound system, and the glow of fireflies is all the night light you'll need.
Photo: @jshineaway
  • Jennifer was teaching paddleboard yoga before it was even a thing. With her, you can explore Regent’s Canal while practicing yoga on your board in the floating garden of Paddington Basin. It’s not just a unique way to see the city or find your balance. It’s also a chance to hang out with Clyde, the city’s most famous paddleboarding dog, downward or otherwise.
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  • Greet the spring in style from a rejuvenated 1963 A-frame in the pines while supporting a local institution. The hosts donate part of your fee to the nearby Big Bear Alpine Zoo, which has been rehabilitating injured wildlife since the cabin was just a lowercase a.
Photo: @jordanjsaylor
  • Catch your breath with local yogi Lis on a breezy rooftop above the bay. After class, stick around for tea to get to know her and the Cuban yoga scene.
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