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  • With views like this, it wouldn't be surprising if a velociraptor was your neighbor.
Life finds a way....
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  • Pedro wants to show you his beloved Cidade Maravilhosa from a different angle. He’ll customize your flight plan, get you safely strapped in and take you soaring above the city in his open-door helicopter. You’ll capture some amazing photos, but as one recent guest suggests, take some time to put your phone down and just savor the beauty beneath your feet.
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Photo: @luizamg
  • This bright, airy bungalow lies right in the center of Ubud, just down the street from the palace. But you wouldn’t guess it from how quiet the neighborhood is. Expect to see locals on motorbikes, kids playing outside and even a few chickens across the way.
Photo: @singbianca
  • Ben is a Brooklyn-based artist who’s been drawing the city for seven years. Now he’s on a mission to help you capture "the magic that happens on the streets and below" using just a pencil and a sketchpad. Join him to sketch your way from the subway through Central Park and into little-known parts of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. No experience required.
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  • In case long sunsets on a breezy balcony above the Gulf of Naples don't do it for you, this villa also comes with fresh-baked bread every morning. You know, just so you have something to look forward to.
Photo: @em_keller_logan
  • Thanks, dads, for showing us we could go farther than we’d dreamed, and still find our way back home (especially when you carried us there). ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
photo: Gaél's dad, @thedudejunior
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