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The world is littered with the charred remains of start-up companies who’ve crashed and burned. For every business that’s splurged on grandiose branding and marketing conceits while neglecting more critical parts of its model, there are dozens which have seen brilliant concepts founder on a lack of awareness, a terrible name, brand and website or a combination of all four.

Getting the balance right is difficult. That’s why we offer a ‘pre-branding’ model that enables companies to develop solutions whose scale can change to reflect the size of their business (and budgets).

We’ve been working alongside the Norwegian client behind Aeonic for nearly a decade now. As a serial entrepreneur, he’s been involved with a number of start-ups. We have named them all and created brands for most of them. Aeonic is the name of the investment company he’s established to fund his – and other – promising businesses.

Having named the company a few years back, we’ve just moved to stage two and created an elegant interim brand and website: polished and detailed enough to attract further investment but not yet a fully realised brand idea or identity.

Take a look at the site and the other businesses it backs, and you’ll be exploring a portfolio of Breakfast branding initiatives, names and simple website builds, all tailored to the size of the opportunity and the maturity of the business.

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