For years, data and the NHS have been uneasy bedfellows. Disjointed and fragmented IT solutions have combined to create a system where its unfortunately not uncommon for crucial data to fall ‘through the gaps’.

This is frustrating for NHS Trusts and clinical professionals, but potentially fatal for patients. Created and built by former NHS professionals, InfoFlex is the solution to this perennial problem.

As is often the way with specialist B2B products, branding had never been a priority for InfoFlex. But there comes a time when a high-quality, state-of-the-art solution needs a brand that’s commensurate with its status.

At Breakfast we have long felt that B2B and B2C should be replaced by H2H: human to human. With the client’s blessing, we took a dry, disregarded brand identity and transformed it into a colourful, modern and dynamic brand. Where reams of body copy had previously held sway, we have created two simple, fluid videos that unpack a potentially complex story simply and effectively.

These are hosted on a website which, while still necessarily detailed, is a valuable resource for the NHS community, who can track solution by speciality or by discipline.


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