Torque of the town*

by | 4th May, 2018

We?ve been working with Torque, one of the UK?s leading supply chain companies, for two years now. After naming and branding Bzar, their online marketplace, and producing some striking and effective trade ads for the main business, we were let loose on their corporate website, which needed refreshing and bringing up to date.

We began by conducting in depth interviews with the various heads of department, getting direct insight from the people who really matter on what they?d like to see included in the new site, and, equally importantly, what they wouldn?t.

From those pearls of wisdom we crafted some copy that is sufficiently detailed to provide their customers and potential customers with all the information they need to know without being too verbose and daunting, then put it all together in a simple, contemporary design which reflects Torque?s dynamism and fashion industry expertise.

From start to finish, the job took just over three months and is, in the words of Torque?s Operations Director Stewart Firth, ?Fresh, punchy and a significant improvement on what we had before?.?Take a peek here.

From our point of view, the demand for simple, templated websites with CMS that?s easy for clients to update themselves is great, but only if care is taken to ensure the brand?s values, tone of voice and identity are applied with care and consistency. Lots of agencies can build websites, but not all of them build websites that build brands.

*Torque don?t allow puns on their name, so don?t tell anyone you?ve seen this, ok?

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