There’s no problem a big crab can’t solve

by | 4th Feb, 2020

If you’ve been paying attention, you might have read that the planet is in a bit of a pickle.

Rumour has it that if the floods and fires don’t get you, food shortages probably will. Thankfully, some of the human race’s cleverer minds have managed to put their existential dread on hold long enough to do something about that. And Breakfast are helping.

Antigrade is an invention that helps food stay fresher, longer. In other words, the fish, meat or fruit in your fridge will be edible (and in better condition) much longer than it would otherwise have been. The benefits of this aren’t too difficult to perceive, so knock yourself out.

I can’t tell you too much about the science behind the product, partly because it’s confidential and partly because I don’t understand it very well anyway. But the product has been fully tested, the (astonishing) results have been ratified and the revolutionary thinking behind the invention will have other highly beneficial applications beyond food.

Breakfast have been front and centre in the development of the Antigrade brand. We are responsible for the name, the identity and the website, and will be looking after the marketing going forwards.

We’ve had this ready to go for nearly a year now – we have worked with the client for years and named the technology back in 2016 – and have developed some lovely creative thinking for the launch proper, much of which involves Antti, the handsome crab who’s very much the star of the website.

If we’re all still around this time next year, hopefully you’ll be more familiar with him. And you’ll be used to eating salmon, blueberries and lots of other foodstuffs that stay in amazing condition for twice as long as they do now.

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