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by | 30th Aug, 2019

Earlier this year, we tweaked our website (and the world carried on spinning, dammit!). The first thing you’ll see is a statement that rephrased something one of our clients had said to us:

We help businesses at times of critical change.

Change is a constant, but critical change, thankfully, doesn’t occur quite so often.

This repositioning emerged from our client’s recognition that our work for her – and indeed our best work generally – is done when our clients are facing significant change within their organisation. Like an A&E doctor or Batman, we tend to be summoned when immediate and remedial action is required.

Not for us a simple ad campaign that seeks to slightly increase market share or sustain brand awareness. No: we are generally required when a business is facing if not existential crisis, then something that might necessitate a very different annual submission to Companies House next year.

Well guess what: here comes Brexit, and it’s fair to say that every business in the UK is now facing critical change.

If I were a private security company or owned an Amazon-sized warehouse full of cryogenically frozen fresh fruit and vegetables, I would be fairly sure that good times are just around the corner. But for everyone else, things might not be quite so clear cut.

In other words, all business is now facing critical change. Many companies have spent the best part of three years diverting any discretionary spending towards Brexit planning, according to one of our senior clients who’d know. His company certainly has.

As a result, marketing budgets have been cut; hard decisions deferred and, in some cases, cancelled, and this means many businesses are going into what might be a generational recession with a backlog of hard decisions to take.

Those critical changes haven’t gone away, they’ve just bumped into a backstop. Which is about to be removed.

I wasn’t sure what Brexit would mean for Breakfast, other than a sentence that’s easier to write than say, and I am even less sure now.

But I am convinced that by targeting businesses facing critical change, we are in the eye of the storm that’s about to hit. You’re welcome to have a chat with us and we’ll see if we can help each other get through it.

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