‘Fuck business’

by | 26th Jun, 2018

Whether you?re pro- or anti-Brexit, I think we can all agree that Boris ?These are my principles. If you don?t like them, I have others? Johnson has very much lived up to his his personal brand values this week; assuming that these values comprise hypocrisy, self-interest and perpetually demonstrating your utter unsuitability for any public office. You may have read his response to the anything but idle threats of assorted businesses (Airbus, BMW etc.) to do one in the event of a no deal Brexit.

?Fuck business?, said Boris. I thought his indiscriminate fucking days were over. These days, it seems Boris won?t lie down for anything; even the prevention of a runway being built next to his constituency. But I digress.

As a business owner, I particularly resent Johnson?s dismissal of business concerns, especially as his party has traditionally been regarded as the party of business. In truth, all parties are ?the party of business?; until we stop measuring our prosperity according to GDP figures, they have to be.

And despite my personal antipathy to many of the excesses of present-day capitalism, I and my Breakfast colleagues couldn?t be more pro-business if we tried.

Every working day, we spend our time trying to grow our clients? businesses ? and our own ? while hoping that our politicians do their best to make that task as simple as possible. That doesn?t mean removing red tape or slashing corporation tax: it means providing a stable, predictable and safe business environment where our innate optimism can flourish.

It means allowing us to advertise our clients? brands to customers all over the world; to attract people here and enable them to move freely; to reduce barriers and borders rather than increase them, and to provide a progressive and inclusive society in which everyone enjoys the spoils of our undoubted wealth.

Is that too much to ask? According to Boris, it is.

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